Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oriental Open-spandrel stone arch bridge

Modeled after a centuries-old bridge in China, still standing, this bridge does not skimp on prims with a count of 163. Fully scalable to fit in any setting. The original bridge can be seen here:
Download the zipped XML file here for import
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  1. Download-link is broken:-/ Don't you run at least one single Ubuntu-system? It includes Ubuntu-One, a cloud-access with 5GB free file storage. Couldn't live without it.

  2. *slaps forehead* that was hosted on a VPS account which I canceled and forgot I had the link on. I am trying Google Drive which is similar to Ubuntu-One I think, just because I have it already. But dumb Google is so helpful and efficient that it uzips the file for you so it ceases to be a single-click download LOL. You can use the File menu and choose Download if you don't mind doing that little bit of extra movement :) Thanks for the heads-up!